How has technology shaped your life? Interviews


Interview 1: Morgan

1. What does Biotechnology means to you?

      -Biotechnology to me means that we use living organisms to help create products such as food, medicine, etc to help humans survive.

2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

     -Yes, I am in favor of further industrial research in this field. Continuing to research will allow advancement in our society.

3. What is one reason for your stance on this issue?

     -Creating new cures, ideas, and systems is always something that will continue to be beneficial to society now and for thousands of years to come. Everything isn’t perfect and having opportunities to explore is a great thing.

4. What is your academic major?

        -Chemical Engineering


Interview 2: Courtney

1. What does Biotechnology means to you?

      -I am not too sure of what that is. But if I were to guess, I would say that it has to do with something life and technology?

Me: My technology book defines biotechnology as the manipulation of biological organisms to make products benefiting human beings.

2. Are you in favor of further industrial research in this field?

     -Yes, I am in favor of further industrial research in this field. After learning what biotechnology is, I believe that making products that will help humans get better is a great investment.

3. What is one reason for your stance on this issue?

       -For example, looking for new ways or creating medicines that will help cure all cancers and even HIV/AIDS is a major issue and could use more funding for research.

4. What is your academic major?



Creating a Better Future For the City of Norfolk


It is estimated that there will be close to 8 billion or more people living near cities by the mid century. Norfolk, Virginia is a city of 242,803 residents.  In addition, the city of Norfolk is undergoing many new projects in hopes of renewing the city and its history. For example, city developers are creating new businesses such as hotels, office space, residential(housing) areas, and renovating buildings in the downtown area of Norfolk.  Moreover, with many new projects being completed the city of Norfolk is expected to have a vast increase in its population.

City developers are looking for new ways to creatively use the land/space in Norfolk Virginia. With these actions being done the city’s population will increase and possibly lead to various problems effecting our environment.  Like any other city, there is a lot of movement in Norfolk which causes tons of pollution. Furthermore, public transportation(trains and buses), and cars are the main sources to our problem. In order to have a stable population and/or control the population increase in the future I believe that it is essential for the city of Norfolk to better utilize the light rail system also known as the Tide.  The Tide, is  Virginia’s first light rail system which extends 7.4 miles over the city of Norfolk.

For the purpose of this assignment, I chose to focus on a plan to create the city of Norfolk, Virginia into a sustainable city of the future. Creating a Better Future for the City of Norfolk; is a plan of action that will be used to help such an industrialized city become a stronger safer environment. In order to create an eco-friendly environment we must work together to implement the importance of “going green.” My plan for Norfolk involves changing how we use fuel. Instead of being reliant on fossil fuels, the residents of Norfolk can utilize the light rail system to travel back and forth.  However, the city must expand the light rail system by creating more stops over the city. This plan is just the beginning of many that can transform Norfolk, Virginia into a greener city.

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The Shareable Future of Cities

  • How many people does Steffen estimate we will have living in or near cities by mid-century?

It is estimated that there will be close to 8 billion or more people living near cities by the mid century


  • Explain how you agree or disagree with Steffen’s point that our energy use is “predestined” rather than “behavioral”.

I agree with Steffen’s point our energy usage is “predestined,” rather than “behavioral,” because of so much population growth.

  • What correlation does Steffen make between a city’s density and its climate emissions?

The denser the city is the lesser climate emissions. By having everything be close a person would be able to walk rather than use polluting the air with cars, buses, etc. 

  • What are the “eco districts” that Steffen mentions? How you see these as feasible or unfeasible in a city like Norfolk?

Eco districts are the use of light by using all glass and using non-boilers to heat up these districts. I believe that these “eco districts,” maybe feasible in the city of Norfolk but during the months where the temperature is steady. 


What does Steffen mean by the idea that, “…even space itself is turning into a service…” Can you provide any examples that you see here in Norfolk or elsewhere?

I believe that that statement meant, that space is turning into service because developers are finding new and creative ways to effectively use land/space. An example of this would be on our on campus, buildings are now being made with open and wider windows. This now allows lighter to come through and cover a larger range of space.

  • Describe your understanding of Steffen’s argument that, “…it’s not about the leaves above, but the systems below…”

Steffen’s argument explains that because a city may be planting trees, that doesn’t necessarily solve the issues in the world. Moreover, there are other ways to help save the environment. 

  • Finally, overall in what way(s) do you see Steffen’s ideas working / not working here in Norfolk? Spend time with this question!

I believe that Steffen had many ideas and/or thoughts for reworking the cities. I also believe that this could be a great idea for the city of Norfolk. Like any other city, there is a lot of public transportation, which causes tons of pollution. Having an eco district would allow the city to cut down on expenses. Moreover, this would allow Norfolk to have a more stable population and increase in growth for the future.

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Abstract 1: Technology Overview and Impact


Bjerklie, D., Gorman, C., & Park, A. (2001). DIAGNOSING THE RISKS. Time, 158(16), 42.

This article focuses on various ideas and possible terrorist attacks that can be made against the United States. 9/11 was the largest devastating event that the United States had seen since the Pearl Harbor attacks.  The 9/11 attacks left the United States in constant worry. Our country was forced to always think, “What if, and the people of the United States lost their peace of mind. The government-increased security, the military was more aware than ever of their enemies. In addition, as time progressed the people of the United States became increasingly worried about the next massive attack. However, the next attack could possibly be big or small. For example, there are many biochemical attacks such as smallpox, anthrax, and sarin. These viruses could all be a possible risk and/or threat to the entire population of the United States, because of its rapid spread. Furthermore, there are even theories that these viruses possibly affecting our water supply, and livestock. By effecting our food and water supply the Americans would be rapidly exposed to the contamination. In my opinion I believe that the authors did a very good job with informing its readers of the possible theories of the “next attack.” No one is sure when the next attack could be or even what it would consist of. Moreover, the authors recognized the fears that many Americans were having concerning terrorism. Technology is constantly evolving each day; with these new innovations in society it is possible that the United States will be able to control these threats when they occur.


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My Relationship with Technology


My relationship with technology is described as pertinent. Technology is so essential to my life, that I honestly don’t know how I would live. Technology is all around us, even the things we don’t think about on a daily basis. Technology has greatly affected me and has created somewhat of a codependent relationship. I can never leave my house without my cell phone, ipod, and laptop. Without these items I would literally not be able to function! Technology not only allows me to stay socially connected, but it allows me to get ahead with my school work.  Having these items be apart of my everyday life also allow me to have access to bank accounts, gps, I can place orders, etc. Technology has impacted all of us in so many ways that each day something else is created, and amazes everyone by what it can do! Read the rest of this entry